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What is Feds for Freedom?

Feds for Freedom is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to reforming the federal service to make it more accountable, transparent, and representative of American values.

What is the mission of Feds for Freedom?

Feds for Freedom's mission is to build and collaborate with a broad coalition of stakeholders, advocate for constitutional rights, litigate for those rights, and work towards reforming the federal service.

How does Feds for Freedom aim to achieve its mission?

Feds for Freedom works by advocating for constitutional rights, collaborating with various stakeholders, and engaging in litigation when necessary to bring about change within the federal service.

Who makes up the membership of Feds for Freedom?

Feds for Freedom's membership includes thousands of current federal employees and contractors who are dedicated to standing up for freedom and the rights of all Americans.

What sets Feds for Freedom apart from other organizations?

Feds for Freedom is unique in its focus on reforming the federal service from within, with the active participation of federal employees and contractors who are committed to its mission.

How can I support or get involved with Feds for Freedom?

You can support Feds for Freedom by becoming a member if you are a current federal employee or contractor who shares their mission. Additionally, you can provide financial support to further initiatives through donations.

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