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We build and work with a broad coalition of stakeholders, advocate and litigate for constitutional rights, and reform the federal service to be more accountable, transparent, and representative of the values of the American people.  


Fight for JUSTICE

Donations are urgently needed to support one or more of our agency class action lawsuits to uphold religious freedom.

Please donate today to help Feds for Freedom move this work forward on behalf of thousands of people who were subject to horrendous discrimination, manipulation, harassment, threats of unemployment, removal of security clearances, denial of promotions, and so much more.


is the premier 501(c)3 organization creating a reformed federal service that is accountable, transparent, and reflective of the people it serves from within.  Our membership ranks include thousands of current federal employees and contractors who have put their careers on the line to stand up for freedom and the rights of all Americans, and we have enjoyed significant legal success in the process.


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We are honest, and willing to take risks to do what is right.

We understand that the mission is critical, honor our commitments to each other and the organization, and uphold our oaths to the Constitution.

We are self-starters who inspire others.  We constantly seek opportunity, through training and experience, to improve and expand our leadership abilities.



We understand that our work is a reflection on ourselves and our organization and always put our best possible work product forward.



We uphold standards of skill, good judgment, polite behavior and self-restraint regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in.

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We work to serve all Americans regardless of political background and beliefs.

Grow Your Vision

Welcome to our podcast "The Feds" where personal growth meets inspiration! Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey to make the federal service more accountable, transparent, and representative of the values of the American people? If so, you're in the right place.


Charlie Schott

 Michigan Chapter

"Need a second opinion?  That doctorly advice from your bosses just doesn’t seem right? Join your Family here: Feds for Medical Freedom. Losing your body’s medical freedom has never been so important. By the time I joined, I realized I should have joined a year ago! It’s not too late- it’s never too late to take your body back from those staking claim over you. Join now for free, find your local chapter, and contribute when you’re ready.  I’m glad I did, and you can, too. Be your body’s best friend Today!"
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