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Feds for Medical Freedom File Suit Against Garland and Justice Department.

Updated: May 26, 2023

Houston, Texas – Feds for Medical Freedom has filed its second lawsuit this year seeking to hold government agencies and their leadership accountable for religious discrimination based on the persecution of workers with religious beliefs against vaccination for COVID-19. Feds for Med Freedom et al v. Merrick Garland et al, filed in the Southern District of Texas, was brought forward by over three dozen employees of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The suit details instances of persecution and harassment, unanswered requests for religious accommodations, and, in some cases, termination of employees. A similar suit was filed in March on behalf of State Department employees.

Feds for Medical Freedom, a grassroots group of over 9,000 federal employees and contractors who believe strongly the government does not have the legal or moral right to force Americans to get vaccinated in violation of their sincerely held religious beliefs, has already achieved significant victories in court. In 2022, a federal judge in Texas overseeing the case of Feds for Med Freedom v. Biden put an injunction on the federal vaccine mandate. In March of 2023, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals again ruled in their favor, upholding the injunction. President Biden made the decision to drop the mandate entirely earlier this month, but Feds for Med Freedom President Marcus Thornton said the damage has already been done for those who suffered through hostile work environments and wrongful terminations.

“As documented in our latest lawsuit, rogue government agencies and leadership treated unvaccinated workers more like sworn enemies than valued civil servants,” said Thornton. “Unvaccinated federal workers have faced everything from verbal harassment to segregation to wrongful terminations and suspension of security clearances, resulting in immeasurable damage to national security interests. These workers, and the American public, deserve an apology, and the bad actors who disregarded religious and Constitutional rights must be held accountable to ensure this never happens again. We will continue to fight to achieve that.”

Feds for Medical Freedom said it will continue to file new lawsuits seeking justice for federal workers who were injured by the vaccine mandates, and demanding accountability for those in power who violated the religious and Constitutional rights of their fellow Americans.

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