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Feds for Med Freedom Responds to End of Federal Vaccine Mandate

WASHINGTON, May 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Feds for Medical Freedom President Marcus Thornton today released the following statement in response to the Biden Administration's decision to end the COVID-19 vaccine mandates for federal employees and contractors:

"For almost two years, Feds for Medical Freedom has fought against forced vaccine requirements that are unconstitutional, immoral, and deeply damaging to employee recruitment and retention within the federal government," said Thornton. "Our efforts led to an injunction against that mandate which saved the jobs of over 400,000 unvaccinated or undeclared federal workers. On May 11, the Administration will finally abandon, for now, its effort to coerce American citizens to get vaccinated against their will.

"While the end of the COVID vaccine mandates is something to celebrate, the fact is that there are many federal employees and contractors who were fired, chased out of their workplace by hostile supervisors, or endured harassment for almost two years. Those men and women deserve justice and compensation, and we will continue to fight for them. New databases were created to document those who, often for religious reasons, did not comply. Until those databases are dismantled, they will continue to be used to discriminate against employees of faith. Furthermore, there are bad actors within the federal government who have perpetrated other policies rooted in discrimination and a disregard for civil liberties, and we will relentlessly pursue accountability for them."

In late February, Feds for Medical Freedom filed a lawsuit, Feds for Medical Freedom v. Antony Blinken et al., seeking to hold the U.S. Department of State accountable for religious discrimination based on its persecution of employees who refuse to get vaccinated for faith-based reasons. The organization says it will continue to file similar lawsuits seeking justice for employees in other federal agencies.

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